Florida Tow Show, Nicholas PortoIn April, 2016, Nicholas Porto, of the Porto Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, and Michael McGovern launched TowLawyer.com, a subscription-based website dedicated to towing and recovery industry legal issues.  Porto and McGovern were also invited to speak at the Florida Tow Show held in Orlando, Florida, [You can get all the information on TowLawyer.com here.]

The Florida Tow Show was the perfect opportunity to educate tow industry professionals on legal issues that should be on their radar and to introduce www.towlawyer.com. The presentation included  top legal tips for getting tow invoices paid fast and efficiently.

 Our tips included:

  • Details on how to properly bill towed vehicles (and how not to bill!).
  • How to properly document tows…photos are everything.
  • What do if/when a customer does not pay up.
  • How to properly place a lien on a vehicle.
  • What to expect if the matter proceeds to litigation.

Florida Tow Show, Nicholas Porto

If you missed Porto and McGovern  in Florida and are interested in learning more information, visit TowLawyer.com.

The subscription includes

  • Chat time with a TowLawyer.com attorney for up to one hour per year.
  • Regularly updated blogs from a TowLawyer.com attorney.
  • Downloadable legal forms.
  • An e-book containing laws specific to each state authored by either McGovern or Porto.
  • Access to summaries of legal cases authored by McGovern or Porto.
  • Access to a national database of attorneys who have experience representing towing companies.

About the Porto Law Firm

The Porto Law Firm was founded in 2011 with a vision of providing uncompromised legal advocacy to businesses and individuals in a cost effective manner.  Each client is provided constant access to their attorney and we are proud that most of our clients turn into our closest friends. Its current practice areas include general civil litigation, real estate law and disputes, business litigation and formation, and personal injury.  In addition, the Porto Law Firm has developed a national reputation for our breadth of knowledge in legal issues specific to the towing and transportation industry.

About TowLawyer.com

Kansas City attorney Nicholas Porto and Knoxville, Tennessee attorney Michael McGovern are the founders of TowLawyer.com, a subscription-based website dedicated to towing and recovery industry legal issues. Visit TowLawyer.com to learn more about the only website specific to the legal issues in the towing and recovery industry.