Attorney and founder, Nicholas Porto, will present educational seminars at the Tennessee Tow Show scheduled for September 8 -10, 2016. Porto’s business partner, attorney Michael McGovern, will also present at the three day tow show.Nick Porto to speak at the tow show.

Porto and McGovern are on the agenda to speak on three pressing topics in the towing and recovery field:

  • The Law on Tow Truck Driver Compensation
  • Using the Law to Get Tow Bills Paid
  • Recent Changes to Tennessee Towing Laws

In Porto and McGovern’s first presentation on “The Law of Tow Truck Driver Compensation,” the attorneys will give towing professionals legal tips on how to properly manage employees’ wages. The presentation will touch on topics such as overtime pay, on-call compensation and minimum wage.

In the second presentation on “Using the Law to Get Tow Bills Paid Fast,” Porto and McGovern will speak on best practices to follow to ensure the law in is your favor. Tips will include proper invoicing and better collections that ultimately will help boost the bottom line.

In the third presentation on “Recent Changes to Tennessee Towing Laws,” the attorneys will hone in on Tennessee’s specific towing and recovery laws and regulations. [ provides state specific laws if you need information on states in your service area.]

In addition to Porto and McGovern’s legal educational seminars for towing and recovery business leaders, this year the show will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first U.S. commercially-built tow truck. There is a parade and fireworks scheduled on last day of the event. Get all the details of the centennial events here.

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