Nicholas Porto along with his business partner, Michael McGovern, launched in April 2016 and have been traveling the country educating tow industry professionals on laws and regulations specific to their businesses. McGovern and Porto are lawyers in the towing and recovery field and their upcoming presentations will address pressing tow industry topics with expert knowledge and insight. [Check out blog posts here for information on what Porto spoke about in Orlando, Florida.]

Porto speaks at tow shows around the country.

Next up, they will speak at the Towing Open House presented by The Mississippi Towing & Recovery Professionals Association on August 20. The presentation will consist of legal tips that outline how tow companies can get paid fast and efficiently. The day will not only consist of educational sessions, but there will also be trucks and parts on display.

Then in September Porto and McGovern will travel to the Tennessee Tow Show where they will speak on: The Law on Tow Truck Driver Compensation, Using the Law to Get Tow Bills Paid and Recent Changes to Tennessee Towing Laws.

The Tennessee Tow Show is three day event that features educational seminars for towing and recovery business leaders. In addition, this year the show will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first U.S. commercially-built tow truck.

Porto became interested in the towing industry after he was assigned a towing company case about overcharging violations shortly after joining a local litigation firm. After successfully resolving the case, Porto became well versed with laws and regulations specific to the tow industry.

In 2011, he founded The Porto Law Firm focusing on legal issues specific to the towing industry and representing nearly every towing company in and around Kansas City, as well as throughout the United States. In 2013, Nick obtained a landmark recovery for the family of a young tow operator tragically killed while in the line of service, making him an advocate for enhanced Move Over laws on roadways.

About the Porto Law Firm

The Porto Law Firm was founded in 2011 with a vision of providing uncompromised legal advocacy to businesses and individuals in a cost effective manner.  Each client is provided constant access to their attorney and we are proud that most of our clients turn into our closest friends. Its current practice areas include general civil litigation, real estate law and disputes, business litigation and formation, and personal injury.  In addition, the Porto Law Firm has developed a national reputation for our breadth of knowledge in legal issues specific to the towing and transportation industry.


Kansas City attorney Nicholas Porto and Knoxville, Tennessee attorney Michael McGovern are the founders of, a subscription-based website dedicated to towing and recovery industry legal issues. Visit to learn more about the only website specific to the legal issues in the towing and recovery industry.